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Belgachia Engineering Works is engaged in manufacturing & supply of various components of Water Treatment Plants, Wagon Components and Road Roller parts in our factory at Howrah for the last 49 years. We have manufactured and supplied various parts of Water Treatment Plant on behalf of M/S Driplex Water Engineering Ltd. Delhi, M/S Gannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd, Calcutta & Delhi, M/S Geo Miller & Co. Delhi, M/S Subhas Project & Marketing Ltd . Calcutta, M/S Hindusthan Dorr - Oliver Ltd. Mumbai, M/S N.B.C. C. Ltd. Delhi, M/S A.K. Mukherjee Nagpur, M/S Chandi Construction Tamilnadu. For wagon components we are enlisted with E.Rly, S.E.Rly, N.F. Rly, Western Rly, N.E. Rly, and N.S.I.C. Ltd. For Road Roller we are enlisted with M/S G.R.S.E Ltd. We are also enlisted with State Transport Corporation. Establishment & Regn : On 1360 BS., Regn No. As SSi Unit: How/287/341 (d)72/PMT /SSI, Sale Tax Regn No.: Bengal HW / 708 B & Central 538B / HW (c)

Our Product Specification


All filter units are now provided with Rate of Flow and Loss of Head Indicators. The former shows the rate of discharge from the filter in M³ per hour and latter indicates the loss of head the water has undergone due to its passage through the filter. In other words it shows the condition of the filter bed and gives an idea of the approximate time it will run brfore washing will be necessary.


Products consist of: Presure Vessele, Alum & Soda Pot, Dozer, CI Ventury, MS Orifice Assemblee & Others. Water used for Domestic and / or Industrial purposes are very often found to be contaminated due to presence of insoluble materials / ingredients.


Water, available from the canal, contains appreciable quantity of suspended impurities and iron besides the possibility of presence of organic matter. Hence this water should not be used for drinking or other miscellaneous purposes without prpper treatment. Under the circumtances, it is imperative to treat the canal water for the for the removal of impurities from the canal water and to make the canal water hygienically safe for use as drinking and other purpose.


Products consist of : Controller, Sluice Gate, Raw Water Flow Indicator Manual, Rate of Flow Indicator Manual, C.I. Syphone. Controllers are generally of two types, Single Entry and Double Entry and its starts from 3inches and 24 inches and above. In Inlet and Outlet Chamber, SLUICE Gate may be used as per approval of the client.


Products consist of : End Carriage Drive, Floculator Drive Head, Central Bearing, Current Cullector, Telescopic Sludge Valve. When havily silted waters are encountered, clarifiers are used in place of the normal coagulating and settling tanks. The flocculated water is admitted to the clarifier tank through rectangular ports constructed in the lower part of the wall and arranged in such a manner as to impart a continuous rotary upward movement.


Each filter is generally designed to deliver the water at a certain rate per hour. When the bed of sand gets chocked up with impurities this rate of discharge falls down and it is necessary to wash it to regain its original clean condition and the stipulated rate of discharge.

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